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Our engineering team have courses and experience that validate their knowledge in the area. This allows to design products that our competence can´t offer, in that way the most critical requirements of the industry are fulfill. We have CAD software for assisting our customers in the design stage of their products to obtain the best parts in shorter times. Also we help customers by redesigning parts with FEA (finite element analysis) that are giving problems.

The company has the machinery and equipment to manufacture the different products that you need. We can manufacture under written dimensions, blue print or physical part.

We can handle urgent orders, with an extra charge.

If you need assistance in your plant, our team can help you with support and bringing solutions to your problems.

For the companies that develop new products, we can offer prototypes, faster than production samples. That way your product launch time can be reduce.

We have the right equipment for measuring loads in springs.

We offer courses for training your employees, either they are engineers or not. A well-educated employee can work better, give them the tools.